About Us

Introduction: Uttarakhand Post is a State based Hindi News Portal established in 2013. Uttarakhand Post is working as a bridge between the people of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand & State Government by raising burning issues & problems of people with government. Also spreading Government welfare schemes & government initiatives with people of Uttarakhand.

Dynamic Mobile Application: Uttarakhand Post has a dynamic mobile application through which reader can access Uttarakhand Post in a single click on their respective mobile phone. After the launching of the Mobile Application in Google Play Store it has more than 7000 downloads in a short perid & going on. The Application also have a Push Notification Feature for providing Breaking News & Updates to its readers.

Strong Presence in Social Media Platforms:

Uttarakhand Post has a strong presence in Social Media too through which thousands of people visits News Portal daily & in regular basis.

  • Facebook: Uttarakhand Post has around 40, 000 Likes along with 40, 000 Followers in its facebook page and 5000 readers also in its facebook account where we get Thousands of shares/ Likes in our News Links. 
  • Twitter Handle: Uttarakhand Post’s twitter handle is the most popular twitter handle in Uttarakhand. More than 6000 people following and many more to come.
  • Instagram: Uttarakhand Post has a storng presence in Instagram also. More than 1200 people follow us on instagram & get themselves updated.   

Different Categories to make it easy for readers :

Uttarakhand Post provides News/ Stories in different categories to its readers. From which some of the popular Categories are –

  • Breaking News/ Updates: Uttarakhand Post provides Breaking News to its viewers through its Dynamic Mobile Application. It has a Push Notification feature also which gives notification to the people having this application in their Mobile. Also providing Updates after the Breaking News.
  • Special & Exclusive News: In this category we provide Special stories in different occasions & also Exclusive news to our readers.
  • District Wise News: Readers can easily access News of Every Single District under this category in a single click.
  • Religion: As its name Devbhoomi Uttarakhand So, we have a Religion category for our readers to find religion related news under this.
  • Sports: Readers can get access sports News under this section especially updates about the nemerging players of Uttarakhand in different fields. 
  • Mera Uttarakhand: This is special & most popular category of Uttarakhand Post. Here readers can get every info about Devbhomi in s single click. Readers can also access Special & Interesting News features related to Culture, Local Cuisine, Religious Places, Popular Tourist Destinations & many more info in a single click.
  • Aapka Blog: Uttarakhand Post has a special category “Aapka Blog”for its readers to express their views.

News Partner with Popular News Providers (UC News & News Republic)

Uttarakhand Post is also associated with UC News (Having more than 50 million downloads from Google Play Store) & News Republic (Having more than 10 milion Downloads from Google play store).

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