About Us

About Us

Introduction: Uttarakhand Post is a State based Hindi News Portal established in 2013. Uttarakhand Post is working as a bridge between the people of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand & State Government by raising burning issues & problems of people with government. Also spreading Government welfare schemes & government initiatives with people of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand Post is also accredited in A Category of Government of Uttarakhand.

Strong Presence in Social Media Platforms:

Uttarakhand Post has a strong presence in Social Media too through which thousands of people visits News Portal daily & in regular basis.

  • Facebook: Uttarakhand Post has more than 43, 700 Likes along with more than 44, 000 Followers in its facebook page and 5000 readers also in its facebook account where we get Thousands of shares/ Likes दn our News Links. 
  • Twitter Handle: Uttarakhand Post’s twitter handle is the most popular twitter handle in Uttarakhand. More than 9000 people following and many more to come.
  • Instagram: Uttarakhand Post has a storng presence in Instagram also. More than 1400 people follow us on instagram & get themselves updated.   

Different Categories to make it easy for readers :

Uttarakhand Post provides News/ Stories in different categories to its readers. From which some of the popular Categories are –

  • Breaking News/ Updates: Uttarakhand Post provides Breaking News to its viewers through its Dynamic Mobile Application. It has a Push Notification feature also which gives notification to the people having this application in their Mobile. Also providing Updates after the Breaking News.
  • Special & Exclusive News: In this category we provide Special stories in different occasions & also Exclusive news to our readers.
  • District Wise News: Readers can easily access News of Every Single District under this category in a single click.
  • Religion: As its name Devbhoomi Uttarakhand So, we have a Religion category for our readers to find religion related news under this.
  • Sports: Readers can get access sports News under this section especially updates about the nemerging players of Uttarakhand in different fields. 
  • Mera Uttarakhand: This is special & most popular category of Uttarakhand Post. Here readers can get every info about Devbhomi in s single click. Readers can also access Special & Interesting News features related to Culture, Local Cuisine, Religious Places, Popular Tourist Destinations & many more info in a single click.
  • Aapka Blog: Uttarakhand Post has a special category “Aapka Blog”for its readers to express their views.

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